NAJA MIDI MCQ ERGO right 1/2: blade with ERGO shaft,alloy tip,MCQ-carbon monoblock

NAJA MIDI MCQ ERGO right 1/2: blade with ERGO shaft,alloy tip,MCQ-carbon monoblock
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The unique design of the NAJA paddle in conjunction with the DTB ERGO shaft and MCQ technology brings a slalom paddle with fantastic properties to the world market. Due to its monocoque construction, the blade and shaft are seamless giving the entire paddle both extra strength and stiffness.  

Our NAJA slalom blades are a brand new exciting design which incorporates an extreme off-centre in relation to the axis of the shaft (8mm).  
This feature coupled with the profile of the NAJA blade enhance the blades stroke performance.
So much so - Vavřinec Hradilek decided to change his paddle on the basis of the results of testing for only a few days before the first olympic nomination race. He won the selection and went to Beijing. He said : “Since the time I made the first stroke with NAJA MAXI I had a feeling that I am at one with the water. Even if I know that the stroke is more powerful and demands more power I am feeling a greater freedom and speed in moving the boat. I can really rely on these blades during the race when you are accelerating from every single gate as a rocket! This is a fantastic feeling. "
These blades have integral alloy edges to resist abrasion. Use in salt water is not recommended.
The MIDI size is suitable for women and the junior category or for men who prefer smaller blades with higher reps.
NAJA MIDI blades are produced in the following material options:
02402MONO930 NAJA MIDI MONO ELITE carbon monoblock with straight shaft, alloy tips
02402MONOERGO NAJA MIDI MCQ ERGO ELITE carbon monoblock with ERGO shaft,alloy tips
02402 NAJA MIDI ELITE medium carbon blades with alloy tips

NAJA blades are available in three blade sizes: MINI - small, MID – medium and MAXI- large





Blade length

490 mm

490 mm


Blade width

193 mm

203 mm


Bigger is not better, going larger than you need is counter productive, if in doubt go smaller size.
Material versionMCQ Elite (carbon)
Recommended useSlalom
Width of blade203 mm
Length of blade490 mm
Area of the blade754 cm2
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