The roots of the exclusively Czech company go back to 1990.

In 2000, the company GALASPORT, s.r.o. was established, owned and managed by Vladislav Galuška and Anna Galušková.

The driving force was and is Vladislav Galuška's passion for water sports. As a kayaker, he actively raced water slalom and was also in the kayaking senior national team.

And because he has also been training slalom paddlers for many years, from beginners to world medalists, he knows perfectly the needs and demands of the BOATERS. When everything is complemented by the technical knowledge gained from studying at Czech technical university an excellent team, a quality paddle, boat or other accessory can be created.
Thanks to the use of only top-quality materials together with an excellent design team, technicians and extra-class athletes, we are a company known as a manufacturer of high-quality paddles and top-quality slalom boats.

The company's goal is to produce the best quality products for paddling on all water terrains for all paddlers from beginners to the most demanding customers, professional athletes.

Athletes which are using our products regularly win many medals at the Olympic Games, World Championships or European Championships.

It is almost impossible to name them all, but the following names are worth mentioning: Lukáš Pollert, three-time Olympic champion Tony Estanguet, Boris Neveu, Vavřinec Hradilek, Sideris Tasiadis, Vít Přindiš, Joe Clarke, Hannes Aigner...