3M XXL C/A carbon/aramid blade,alloy tip

3M XXL C/A carbon/aramid blade,alloy tip
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This infamous and universal canoe blade was designed by Michal Martikan (Gold medalist in Atlanta 96, World Champion in Brazil, Silver OG Sydney and Athens and Gold in Beijing 2008).

This design lowers water resistance during a Duffek stroke and due to its stability in the water is perfect for better performance on cross bow strokes 

This blade has an integral alloy edge to resist abrasion. Use in salt water is not recommended.
The XXL size is suitable only for very strong paddlers. It can also be used by a strong rafting guide.

3M XXL blade is produced in the following material options:
00644 3M XXL ELITE carbon blade with alloy tip
00643 3M XXL C/A carbon/aramid blade with alloy tip

3M blade is available in four blade sizes: MINI - small, MIDI – medium, MAXI – large and XXL – extra large .






Blade length

490 mm

500 mm


525 mm

Blade width

180 mm

190 mm


195 mm

Bigger is not better, going larger than you need is counter productive, if in doubt go smaller size.
Model3M XXL
Material VersionCarbon/Aramid
Recommended useSlalom
Recommended useRAFTING
Width of blade195 mm
Length of blade525 mm
Area of the blade882 cm2
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